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back to school

* I have a post brewing, my friends. A big one. A really sort of terrifying one. One that – as desperately as I want to write it THISVERYSECOND – demands, and deserves, far more than the eight minutes that I have right now to write it. So it will have to continue to simmer … Continue reading

following the script

The other day, my friend Mom-NOS told me that her son Bud had had a rough go at school. His team had reported that he was severely dysregulated and that he had said some very concerning things during the day that were completely out of character for him. Bud and my Brooke are similar kids. … Continue reading

i know.

For D. I know. I really, really know. * I call Brooke down for dinner. She answers. I can’t make out the words but the tension in her voice is unmistakable. “Honey,” I call up the steps again, “It’s time to come down. Dinner’s ready.” “NOOOOOOOO!” she yells in response. There is no rebellion in … Continue reading


* Saturday night. Luau held the popcorn. I had the drinks. He smiled at the ticket taker as he handed him our tickets. They exchanged some friendly small talk and we moved down the hallway toward our theater. An hour and a half with Matthew McConaughey doing what he does best was precisely what I needed … Continue reading

‘a hairdryer kid in a toaster brain world’

** ** Once again, I found myself referring to her post the other night. It’s become such a part of my vernacular, it’s almost unavoidable. It’s just too good a metaphor. And when something is THAT good, there’s really no point in reinventing it. I mean, who has the time? So there I was, sitting … Continue reading