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because i get to be here with you

because i get to be here with you

{image is a photo of Katie on a swing} It is Sunday night. Katie and I have just come from dinner and she’s convinced me to head to the park instead of home. “We’ll be little kids!” she says gleefully as we pull up to the playground. “C’mon, Mama, will you push me on the … Continue reading

building cathedrals

Our Lady of Burgos, Spain  Begun in the 13th Century, completed in the 16th * I really, really wish I knew who wrote the following. In part because she deserves credit for her work (ironic given its content), but mostly because I just really want to hug her. Thank you, Charlotte, wherever you may be. … Continue reading


** I had a diving coach in college who once told me that you could never cry for longer than you could shower. Why? Because you could simply stay in there until you got it together. He lied. ** I’m in the shower with my girl. She is crying. Our evening has been a mess. … Continue reading