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~ I swear I won’t keep talking about roller skating. I promise. But you’re going to have indulge just one more post on the topic. Here’s why. The other day, a reader left a comment on Diary’s Facebook page in response to my post about a classmate’s surprise that Brooke was able to roller skate. This is … Continue reading

doing cartwheels

– “Child presents with significant Motor Planning Deficits – often appears to get physically stuck.” For the record, I abhor the word Deficits. Challenges? Yes. Lots of ’em. Deficits? Hell no. (If you don’t believe me, keep reading.)   * “Child’s skill acquisition is stymied by overwhelming anxiety – she is so daunted by the … Continue reading

my little monkey

Yes, it’s Saturday. No, I almost NEVER post on weekends. But I think you’ll see why this absolutely, positively couldn’t wait until Monday. The following took place yesterday morning when Luau dropped Brooke off at ESY. Yo B had told us about it the day before, so Luau, Katie and Brooke showed up at camp … Continue reading