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Years ago, a colleague of mine told me that I was the least judgmental person she’d ever met. I laughed. Hard. I told her that she really needed to get out more. She said, “No, really. You are.” I secretly took pride in her words. I have spent a lifetime trying not to judge others. … Continue reading

andrew solomon

If you’re going to write a post about your new BFF, it’s totally helpful if they’re famous, because then you can find lots of pictures of them from which to choose for the post. Oh … Andrew is the one on the left. ~ A week and a half ago, I’d never consciously heard of … Continue reading


** I call out hypocrisy when I see it. It’s what I do. And exempting myself from that practice would be the biggest hypocrisy of all. So that is essentially what I have done here – called myself out for not living what I believe, and then doing what I could to make that right. … Continue reading

how do we get from here to there

* ~ My Facebook status tonight ~ There is a TED talk that has been making its way around the Internet like wild-fire. Or perhaps just around my little neighborhood in Internet Town. But it seems to be everywhere I turn. A friend sent it to me via Twitter, another by e-mail. A third posted … Continue reading