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takin care of mama

. Diary’s Facebook Status on Tuesday night . And … A revised version of it this morning .. I have made some really poor decisions over the past couple of days. I also, however, have made some extraordinarily good ones. The best of the good ones so far today? Turning off the Wake Up To … Continue reading

dear you

Yeah, you ~ Dear Friends With Special Needs Kids, I have something to tell you. And I’m thinking that you don’t hear it enough. So come closer and pay attention, OK? This is important. YOU ROCK. Yes, you. Why are you still looking at everybody else in the room? I’m talking to YOU. And no, … Continue reading

show and tell

– I have so much I want to show you. And tell you. I want to show you the Tweet I got from Jet Blue yesterday that was a thousand kinds of awesome – * See? * And I want to show you these kinda fabulous pictures that I took on a walk one recent … Continue reading

a start

* She’ll be ready someday. In the meantime, we lay the foundation. We demystify the words. We own them. It’s a place to start. ~ It’s For Me, Sept, 2010 – Last night .. We’re sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner. “Katie,” Luau says, “do you remember that I’ll be at your school tomorrow?” … Continue reading

12 things i learned on my weekend away

Fred the iguana – 1. Banana Malibu Coladas are just as yummy as they sound. 1.a And they make for a sort of awesome picture. – 2. Men make assumptions about women of a certain age (as in my certain age) who are sitting at a bar at a Caribbean resort with a girlfriend. 2.a … Continue reading