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or water

Katie (5) and Brooke (3), 2007 * It is 2007. Luau and I are sitting at the kitchen table, interviewing a home service provider. Or perhaps she’s interviewing us. I don’t know which end is up. I just know that we need help. Brooke is three years old. She lives in a state of frustration. All we … Continue reading


  ~ A reader sent me a photo yesterday along the lines of those below. I was inspired to create a few of my own. I hope you like them. If you do, feel free to share them. It’s funny, I never thought I was a cat person. Until my little kitten came along. And … Continue reading


* Last night, I wrote this .. 983 of you liked it and a whole lot of you left comments on it. One of my favorites was this one … Those incredible moments of true clarity. When you’re not sure who’s teaching whom. I’m lucky enough to be a 40-something single dad with a four-year old … Continue reading

than most people ever see

credit Photo Malaya ~ Brooke is leaning over the side of the pool. Her arms are draped up and over the wall and spread lengthwise before her. Periodically, she scoops a handful of water and pours it out onto the concrete. After watching her for a while, I sidle up next to her. I sit … Continue reading

perfect perspective

– I snuck into Brooke’s room tonight when we got home from the Autism Speaks event. It was long after her bedtime so I was shocked to find her lying in bed wide awake. I told her I’d spent the evening with a whole bunch of moms and dads who also had kids with autism … Continue reading