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part two

  {image is a photo of Brooke and our dog, Winston in 2010. I chose it because it came from this post.} Part two. Because there’s a part two. Earlier today, I wrote about the fact that until Brooke was able to put language to her anxiety, I didn’t really understand it. Until she said … Continue reading



– Refusal to believe until proof is given is a rational position; denial of all outside of our limited experience is absurd. ~ Annie Besant “Worrying that I will not be thought intelligent.  I am considered stupid by people who don’t know better.” ~ Emma from Emma’s Hope Book in Talking is Hard – The … Continue reading

consulting the expert

(Psst – That’s the expert) The breathing thing is what really touched me. I know so much about having to cope with things and even when I can’t explain, I can show how to do it. But people hardly ever ask me. Not meant as criticism, it just makes it more special when someone does … Continue reading