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autism, puberty and respect – part two

autism, puberty and respect – part two

Image is a photo of a tree. ‘Cause nature.  Many of you have asked me to write about how we are handling puberty with Brooke. Autism, Puberty and Respect (Part One) was about why I won’t. Some time ago, Brooke’s older sister, Katie and I came to an agreement about what I would write about her … Continue reading

autism, puberty and respect

– Honestly, our kids should just get a pass on the whole puberty thing. – a fellow autism mom – I want to write about the intersection of autism and puberty. I want to tell you that I’m struggling. With how to talk to Brooke about all of it – not just about what is … Continue reading

we promise

* This is hard to write. It would be easy were this an actual diary, the kind under lock and key for no one’s eyes but my own, and then perhaps, someday, my children’s, long after I’m gone and they find it packed away in a dusty attic. But alas, this is not that kind … Continue reading


For years, Katie drew elephants ALL THE TIME. We found them everywhere – in the corners of her homework, on books and notebooks and binders, on takeout menus, in every birthday card she made. He looked like this — and his name was Bob. Drawing by Katie – used with permission * I wrote yesterday … Continue reading


– I wrestled with whether or not to share this. With as much as I tell you, there is, of course, far more that I don’t. Some things simply are not appropriate for public consumption. And normally this would have fallen squarely into that category. But ever since I wrote to Brooke’s team yesterday morning, … Continue reading