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color commentary

{image is a slightly blurry photo of Brooke from the other night. She has just wrapped up a Godspell script while roller blading in my room, as you do.} Okay, so this is one of those moments when I am dying to write because Oh my God, I soooooo have something I want to tell … Continue reading

stop the presses

Ed note: The post that I had planned for today has been preempted. Why? Because I have an overwhelming need to shout this from the highest rooftop I can find. I’d apologize for repeating myself, but, well, I try to keep it honest around here and the truth of the matter is … I’m not … Continue reading

what my daughter is not doing

* Captain Brooke  – My daughter is doing well. The beginning of her fifth grade year has been smoother than I ever could have hoped. Yeah, I know I’m tempting fate by saying it out loud. Screw it. I’m shouting from the mountaintops — MY  KID IS DOING WELL. Her language is blossoming. She asks … Continue reading


Journalists camped outside of St Mary’s Hospital in London For weeks, the eyes of the world have been on Great Britain. We all, even those of us for whom the royals are a mystery, waited with bated breath for the Duchess to deliver an heir to the throne. The royal family is undeniably interesting, but Kate and William … Continue reading


It came out of nowhere. Having never heard it before last week, it is now a constant in her repertoire. It has become a go-to in her box of tools. It’s brilliant, really. Not only is she using it as a device to buy processing time, but as a legitimate request for a repeat of words that she … Continue reading

a capital day

June, 2010 * Memory: a child walking along a seashore. You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things. ~ Pierce Harris *** 11:06 p.m. Luau and I have just gotten back from a night out with cousins. Julie’s gone home for the night. I am … Continue reading

it doesn’t change a single thing

~ To know an object is to lead to it through a context which the world provides. ~ William James  Context can kiss my arse – Jess Wilson ~ Yesterday, my cousin asked me to elaborate on my post – to explain what I was feeling – why it was hard. This is what I said. … Continue reading

show and tell

– I have so much I want to show you. And tell you. I want to show you the Tweet I got from Jet Blue yesterday that was a thousand kinds of awesome – * See? * And I want to show you these kinda fabulous pictures that I took on a walk one recent … Continue reading

finding the pubbies

* Bedtime, last night “OK, baby,” I say. “It’s time for Mama to go. Let’s pick a number.” She smiles at me, her mischievous grin glowing in the pale light from the fish tank. “One million gajillion!” she says. Her delivery is priceless. I laugh out loud. “Could ya tap that many?” she asks. “Hmm, … Continue reading


– Katie and I are in the office. We are combing through Pet Finder, engrossed in the pages upon pages of dogs in need of homes. We hone in a few, read their stories, wonder if perhaps they might be the one who is meant to join our family, destined to be Winston’s playmate. I … Continue reading