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i promise

~ Yesterday I said the following. I have a post brewing, my friends. A big one. A really sort of terrifying one. One that – as desperately as I want to write it THISVERYSECOND – demands, and deserves, far more than the eight minutes that I have right now to write it. So it will have … Continue reading


~ ~ We are in the middle of a party. People are chatting, swimming, eating, laughing. Brooke is sitting on a step stripping a stick. This is what she does. She forages for bits and pieces of branches whose bark she can pull clean off, revealing the tender wood below the surface. Her fingernails dig … Continue reading

shooting stars

* Today is Color Day at Brooke’s camp. There will be games and contests. Competition. Camaraderie. Team spirit. She will not be there. Green – she was going to be on the green team. She won’t be. She will, as per her ardent request (more of a desperate plea, really) have color day at home. … Continue reading

person first

* “…One thing bugged me and I don’t see how it still happens especially in this tight knit community. This is referring to a person with autism as autistic (I.e. my autistic daughter/son/brother/etc.). One big step we could all make as a whole is to utilize person first language a person with …(insert any disability)… … Continue reading

oh, jenny

~ A couple of weeks ago, Jenny McCarthy said the following at Autism One – “This is something I touch about every year on – and that’s the Victim Moms vs the Warrior Moms. And you’re both out there, so hopefully you can recognize yourself if you are a Victim Mom after I explain this. … Continue reading

dc in (a LOT of) pictures, part two

* Yesterday, you all were kind enough to indulge me as I posted like a thousand pictures of our trip to DC. It kind of reminded me of that time that I had to sit through a slide show of an uncle’s trip to God knows where, but that was totally different because A) The … Continue reading