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digging in

digging in

Yesterday morning, Luau wrote the following. Now, before you go sharpening your keyboards to lambaste him for writing it and me for sharing it, please remember that this is just the beginning of the story. (Note: I’ve edited it very slightly to make it Diary friendly.)   – {image is a photo of Brooke sitting on … Continue reading

for the fathers

– Photo By Connerton Photography – For my husband – I know how hard this was to write. And I know how much harder it was to live. I’ve been there – spinning on the sidewalk lost in an impotent rage. But you are so damned strong for us – for all of us – … Continue reading

my boy blue

* Frank: Are you sure you’re ok with this, Blue?  Blue: Just ring the &%@!ing bell, you pansy.  ~ Old School * * This beautiful lady is my fabulous friend, Marisa. Marisa owns an absolutely lovely and very chic salon on Newbury Street in Boston. For those of you unfamiliar with our fair city, Newbury Street … Continue reading

hope, meet reality

* @diaryofamom jess At the @autismspeaks #greaterbostonwalk kickoff. So inspired by the incredible people who come together to support our kids. 27 July * @diaryofamom jess Can’t stop crying. Incredible speakers representing myriad groups who support our community. So touched. @autismspeaks #greaterbostonwalk 27 July * @diaryofamom jess Came home from an incredibly inspiring night w @autismspeaks to find baby girl an epic disaster. Hope, meet … Continue reading

finding his voice

  As men we are wired to “fix” things. As fathers we are wired to protect our children. This is our nature. But autism is neither something that can be fixed nor something we can protect our children from – instead it is messy, complicated, hard, frustrating. And so as fathers we lose faith in … Continue reading

run luau run

*** *** You’ve prepared for this. You’ve got this. Know yourself. Listen to your body. Trust yourself. Have faith. We’re with you at every step. Game on baby. Run. ~ The note that Luau will read just before the starting gun of the 114th Boston Marathon this morning. *** I don’t run. I’ve tried and … Continue reading