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hands on

  Last night, my dear friend Judith posted the following on her personal Facebook page. I asked her this morning if she would be willing to let me share it with you. I am so grateful that she said yes. Please share it. With anyone and everyone who might listen. I”m begging. Because the judgement … Continue reading

what we did

~ ~ The back story … By The Grace of God First thing first, Luau spoke with the director of the center. To her credit, she called him first thing in the morning. She was as apologetic as the therapist who had written to me the night before. She assured him that she is drafting a … Continue reading

by the grace of god

* I don’t know where to start. I’ve stared at the blinking cursor for ten minutes now and I still don’t know how to tell this story. So I’m going to do what I tell others to do when they tell me that they don’t know where to begin. I’m going to start in the … Continue reading


– I wrestled with whether or not to share this. With as much as I tell you, there is, of course, far more that I don’t. Some things simply are not appropriate for public consumption. And normally this would have fallen squarely into that category. But ever since I wrote to Brooke’s team yesterday morning, … Continue reading