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king of anything

king of anything

– For Christmas, nearly everyone in Katie’s world pitched in to buy her a piano keyboard. From the moment that she got it and began playing around with it, I started asking her if I could record her singing something. Anything. Because, ya know, I’m her mom and that’s what moms do. And each and … Continue reading

what matters

– Katie has one of the leads in her school’s Fall play. Excited doesn’t begin to describe how she feels about it. Talk of rehearsals and the antics of the cast and crew have dominated dinner conversation for the last six weeks. She can’t wait. The play opens tomorrow night. This is what’s known as … Continue reading

it mattered

~ 2003 ~ When babies are born, people are compelled to offer advice. Whether or not its sought, or even welcome, it comes to new parents at lightening speed. If she falls asleep too early, wake her up or you’ll both be up all night! No matter what, you never, ever, ever wake a sleeping … Continue reading

i blinked

~ So I’ve been tryin’ to slow it down I’ve been tryin’ to take it in In this here today, gone tomorrow world we’re livin’ in Don’t blink ~ Kenny Chesney, Don’t Blink ~ Katie, 2003 * Tomorrow, we will drive that little girl to sleep away camp, two hours from home. That tiny imp, … Continue reading

we’ve got you

* We walk into the restaurant and take a seat. It’s just the three of us – me, Katie and Brooke. Luau is out on a 20 mile run. Brooke hates eating breakfast out, but after the smoke alarm incident on Saturday morning, the thought of a restaurant is apparently less terrifying than Mama going … Continue reading

the way she needs to be loved

– Katie and I are sitting on the bench outside the ice cream shop, greedily devouring our ice creams. We’ve asked Brooke to join us, but she refused, instead doing exactly what she always does when we come here – pacing the sidewalk and periodically finding comfort in the tight entryway of the shop next … Continue reading

braver than you believe

* The note I left in Katie’s lunchbox this morning * Thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for telling me your own stories in return. Thank you for never letting me forget that as isolating as this journey can be, neither I nor my children are on it alone. … Continue reading

innocence lost – the siblings

* Katie and Brooke ~ Photo by Kathleen Connerton * Their innocence lost, they had to be braver and more generous than children should have to be. ~ Eustacia Cutler, speaking of her other children – Temple’s siblings. My heart is breaking. It’s too much tonight. These kids – these amazing little people – carry the … Continue reading


* The truth is rarely pure and never simple. ~ Oscar Wilde Truth is something which can’t be told in a few words. Those who simplify the universe only reduce the expansion of its meaning. ~ Anais Nin ** My friends, I feel like a fraud. Ok, maybe that’s a little overly dramatic, but at … Continue reading

my perfect date

My perfect dinner date Later Wednesday night .. Katie is sitting across from me at the table, having coerced me to stay out for dinner after her visit to my office. It didn’t take much (coercion that is), but the coercion is part of the game. We both pretend that staying out for (fill in … Continue reading