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my boy blue

* Frank: Are you sure you’re ok with this, Blue?  Blue: Just ring the &%@!ing bell, you pansy.  ~ Old School * * This beautiful lady is my fabulous friend, Marisa. Marisa owns an absolutely lovely and very chic salon on Newbury Street in Boston. For those of you unfamiliar with our fair city, Newbury Street … Continue reading

on angel’s wings

  Photo by David Land. As some of you know, my mom is an extremely talented jewelry designer. For years she has been making beautifully unique and timeless pieces of fine jewelry. I have been blessed to have received many of her pieces as gifts and I absolutely treasure them. Each year around this time, … Continue reading

what i wish for

* It’s my birthday. And though I’m not exactly thrilled (she said, for once understating a situation dramatically) about turning another year older, I’m choosing to embrace the day. Why? Cause it’s mine, damn it. And I get to be the queen today. (Just ask me; I’ll tell you.) And besides, nothing eases the blow … Continue reading

autism walk 2010

Autism Speaks Greater Boston Walk 2010 * Yup, someone actually took an order to print that sign. * Jeneil, Rhema, Hope and Katie Soooo worth wading through the crowd to find them! * Brooke, Luau, Jack and Judith Ursitti In a moment of magic, 20,000 of us sang Happy Birthday to Jack yesterday * Brooke … Continue reading