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speed blogging

* Ready … Set  … Go. I have nine minutes. Nine. But I really, really want to tell you something. So I’m going to give it my best shot. In nine minutes. Damn. Make that eight and half. OK, here goes … The deficit model of education sucks. The idea of focusing on what we … Continue reading

back to school

* I have a post brewing, my friends. A big one. A really sort of terrifying one. One that – as desperately as I want to write it THISVERYSECOND – demands, and deserves, far more than the eight minutes that I have right now to write it. So it will have to continue to simmer … Continue reading

bestowing honor

* This is far too incredible on far too many levels for me to sully with an editorial. I post it here not to add my comments, but to ensure that everyone in my world has a chance to see it. * *