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the miracle therapy: time

the miracle therapy: time

How did we do this? What was this cutting edge therapy we had found, this latest in scientific development? It was plain old being ready. Time.  Susan Senator, The Autism Therapy That Worked For Us: Time – This is why I tell you not to give up. This is why I insist on redefining what … Continue reading

dear time magazine

Dear Time Magazine, I have not read your now infamous cover article, nor am I linking to it here. Unfortunately, I think it’s fair to assume that it’s unnecessary anyway as my readers likely already know to what I refer. Truthfully, I’m pretty much loathe to read it at this point. I have no problem … Continue reading


– Katie at her birthday party this weekend * Oh my sweet girl. When on earth did this happen? I know They said it would, but it’s never real until you see it for yourself. Because when you’re young, you don’t think about Time. Time of day; time of the year; time of your life, … Continue reading