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miss alysia’s playhouse

~ On the wall at SenseAbility ~ On Sunday afternoon, The Wilsons piled our little traveling yard sale into the car and headed out on a very special mission. We were finally going to see the results of my dear friend, Alysia’s labor of love, the Senseability Gym in Hopedale, MA. To be clear, we … Continue reading

one click to create community

~ My friend, Alysia’s son Howie ~ You may remember me telling you – or at least telling you that I wanted to tell you – about my friend, Alysia’s labor of love, the SenseAbility Gym   in Hopedale, Massachusetts. Alysia and her partner, Tina, both autism mamas, have been working around the clock to make … Continue reading

for today

* Friends, I just don’t have it in me today. I have a wonderful story to share, but it’s just not today’s story, ya know? Anyway, I couldn’t leave you with nothing, so I’m going to share some posts that I’ve read in the last week that have either made me think, laugh, or cry … Continue reading

dear you

Yeah, you ~ Dear Friends With Special Needs Kids, I have something to tell you. And I’m thinking that you don’t hear it enough. So come closer and pay attention, OK? This is important. YOU ROCK. Yes, you. Why are you still looking at everybody else in the room? I’m talking to YOU. And no, … Continue reading

fair, redux

. The plan for today is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with Uncle Paul and his family. When he first suggested it, we were just coming off of our success at Godspell and I felt emboldened to try. But anxiety is running HIGH this morning and Mama’s confidence is waning. *gulp*  ~ Diary’s Facebook Status, Saturday … Continue reading

no more than a hiccup .. on SPDBN

* It all started when my friend, Alysia mentioned that she was looking for submissions for the Sensory Processing Disorder Blogger Network (SPDBN), a wonderful community page full of stories, resources and support for families who live with SPD. That’s all it took. . Suddenly I was on a train, zooming through the backwoods of … Continue reading