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to show him the music

to show him the music

Last Tuesday night … It’s getting late. Brooke and I are cocooned in my bed. She’s turned out all of the lights, leaving nothing but the glow of our small screens illuminating the room. Curled into my arm, she is playing a game on my phone. I have my laptop perched on my knees. I’m … Continue reading

life to the fullest

* Yesterday, I was talking to my friend, Jeni, catching up about this and that. The This mostly being their impending move to Montreal (Oh my God!) and the That being her son, Tristan’s acceptance into college with a merit scholarship (Holy crap and Oh My God!). And then she said, “I have to send you … Continue reading

the ribbon cutting

*** From January 3, 2013 (click on the links in green to read more) … *** It started with an idea. A kid wanting to help a kid. An eleven year-old with a big heart and a big plan. $800 to buy a keyboard for Tuck, to help him pass the time in the hospital … Continue reading

lost notes and the bake sale hits the road

~ Warning: It’s a run on sentence kinda day. Carry on. ~ So, let’s just say that at your kiddo’s last team meeting, you brought your laptop, thinking you were all smarty pants cause you could take notes right on the computer and then send them to yourself and then pretty them up and send … Continue reading

for tuck

~ It was my great privilege to accompany Katie as she presented the following to Brianna and Mary at Boston Children’s Hospital last night. (Click on the letter to enlarge it.) * As we were leaving the hospital, I told my girl that I was proud of her. That she’d done something really incredible. She … Continue reading

remembering to believe

Ed note: I asked Luau to read the following before I hit publish. He had two comments: 1) People who don’t know you might find the first part a little self-indulgent and 2) You’re getting kinda religious in your old age. I decided I was fine with both.  ~ Yesterday, I couldn’t write. I just … Continue reading

play it sweet in heaven

* Do not judge a song by its duration Nor by the number of its notes Judge it by the way it touches and lifts the soul Sometimes those unfinished are among the most beautiful… And when something has enriched your life And when it’s melody lingers on in your heart. Is it unfinished? Or … Continue reading

if he was my brother

; ; ~ There’s been a lot of debate during this latest election cycle about the Social Contract – the notion that we, as members of a civilized society – as citizens of a nation – have a responsibility to care for one another. Some have taken to the stage to champion the idea while … Continue reading


* EDITOR’S NOTE: PLEASE NOTE, THE BAKE SALE IS NOW CLOSED. PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION DIRECTLY TO THE GOWEN FAMILY AT Luck2Tuck, c/o Webster Bank, 100 Main St. North, Southbury, CT 06488. THANK YOU! What follows was, as you will quickly see, written by a very special guest. One who likes big letters and bold … Continue reading


~ Wednesday evening … ~ I’m stuck late at work. Which, given the circumstances, is really, really not helpful. Katie needs her Mama. It’s been a rough few days and I haven’t been around enough. Some narrow minded idiot  A kid in school called her weird. Not exactly a shock that the social dynamics of middle … Continue reading