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veteran’s day

I wrote the following, and published it here on Diary, two years ago. Although I might change some of the wording today, the messages remain the same – deep, abiding gratitude, prayers for the end of war, and a promise to keep trying to make it better. * Photo from US Army News Photo credit … Continue reading

it mattered

~ 2003 ~ When babies are born, people are compelled to offer advice. Whether or not its sought, or even welcome, it comes to new parents at lightening speed. If she falls asleep too early, wake her up or you’ll both be up all night! No matter what, you never, ever, ever wake a sleeping … Continue reading

veteran’s day 2011

* Photo from US Army News Photo credit Kevin Stabinsky (USAG Fort McPherson) * I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks. ~ William Shakespeare Early this fall, I had the honor of guest posting on Act Today for Military Families. I thought it fitting to copy that post here today, as we … Continue reading