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what do you want him to know?

* So those of you who have been around here for a while might remember that around this time last year, I wrote THIS,which led to an invitation to THIS which is how I ended up going HERE which I then wrote about HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and then finally HERE. In the … Continue reading

white house part six – it’s about people

Ed Note: I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. If you missed yesterday’s post you can read it —HERE –. You can also read a little bit about our day in Katie’s post by clicking —HERE –. Sadly, her account ends just before the ‘family hike’ (which turned into a walk which turned into the … Continue reading

white house part two

* Read part one here We were divided, based upon our pre-assignments into four groups of thirty odd people each. Each group was then led to a conference room where they would have lunch and offer input on their individual subjects. I was thrilled to be heading to the session on Community-based Services, far and … Continue reading

please, mr president, step inside

Photo from the whitehouse.gov ** While the “Event for Autism Awareness Month,” as it’s being billed, is taking place inside the White House today, a very different event will be taking place outside on its lawn. According to USA Today, the White House Easter Egg Roll just keeps getting bigger. This year, the president expects thirty … Continue reading

dear mr president

** * Yesterday afternoon, I was asked to write a letter to the President. I thought perhaps they meant the president of the PTO or maybe the president of the local Kiwanis club, but it turned out they meant, you know, the big guy. Like the leader of the free world. THE President. Like of … Continue reading