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Tonight we had the incredible privilege of joining a friend of Luau’s who is an orthodox Rabbi, his wife, Sarah, their seven children, and numerous other assorted guests for their celebration of the Sabbath. The evening was not an easy one for Brooke. In fact, the setting was essentially a recipe for disaster – from … Continue reading

wear the change

wear the change

– A couple of weeks ago, Katie came to me with a question. “Mama,” she asked, “now that we don’t feel like we can support Autism Speaks anymore, what can I wear to school for Autism Awareness Day?” While I know the question of what to wear may seem silly to some, we take our autistic pride … Continue reading

autism awarenessacceptanceaction day

Awareness * Yesterday, a pretty neat thing happened. I got word that I’d been named by Sharecare as one of their top ten *Social Health Makers*, described on the site as ‘the most influential people in health and wellness on the Web, literally driving “conversations on the leading edge.”‘ Following the announcement, I received rapid-fire … Continue reading

awareness 2012

– Diary of a Mom – 9 hours ago. ~ I wish I could really have captured how beautiful this looks. There are blue candles flickering in every window of our home tonight in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. As I’ve done my best to explain to my beautiful girl, the light serves as … Continue reading

world autism awareness day 2011

Today is the day. The long-awaited and much hyped World Autism Awareness Day. Typically, I  would write a post in honor of this, the highest of holy days in the fight for our children (well, not counting the other 364 days of the year). I would agonize over finding the right words – searching for … Continue reading

autism awareness, one bakery at a time

  Ed note: A HUGE  thank you to Helena, my new favorite reader of all time (except you, of course!) who photoshopped “Brooke” into the cake. While I had the tools to blur out her real name out, that was as far as I could go. Helena, you rock! ** Brooke had been nothing if … Continue reading

you tell em, buddy boy

“Brooke, honey,” I asked, “Do you remember how we talked about autism?” “Yeah,” she said to her chair. I knew her heart wasn’t in it, but at least she answered without prompting. That’s something. “Do you remember that Mama said that you have autism?” “Yeah.” Clearly I’d have to proceed without a lot of encouragement. … Continue reading

to those who ask why

** Hello. I came across your blog on facebook; a friend of mine that has a son with Autism posted and I read it. Then read some more and cried. I do not have a child with a disability but I know LOTS who do. I never really understood what a parent of a child … Continue reading

world autism awareness day 2010

** It’s here again, isn’t it? World Autism Awareness Day. The day for which I am so grateful, yet from which – year after year- I just want to hide. It’s a day of hope and promise and grandiose events. A day on which buildings across our nation and around the world are set ablaze … Continue reading