Posted in May 2009

joint attention

“Child presents with a marked lack of joint attention. There is no attempt to share enjoyment or engage with others. “ Excerpt from Brooke’s neuro-psychological evaluation ~ May, 2006 ** May, 2009 … ** ‘Nuf said.

vive la france

. . We here at Diary of a Mom interrupt our usual programming for a special announcement. In five .. Four .. Three .. Two .. One .. Here it is, folks .. I need an intervention. OK, so perhaps that wasn’t news to many of you. Or most of you. Or any of you. … Continue reading

the dance of the tooth fairy

*** Brooke, where are we going to put your tooth tonight? I lost my my tooth! Yes, you did! Where are we going to put it? It came out. Yes it did, sweetheart. We’ll put it under your pillow tonight, OK? Why’d ya call me sweetheart? Because you are my sweetheart. Brooke, who will come … Continue reading

rules of the game

. . Brooke has recently begun to master the computer. A couple of weeks ago, she showed an interest in manipulating the mouse – something entirely new. The next thing we knew (or to be more precise, after some gentle pushing, a little prodding and some frustrated tears later), we were off and running on … Continue reading

memorial day

. . Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours. ~Wallace Bruce A CONVERSATION WITH KATIE – TEN MINUTES AGO: ‘So today is the day we honor the United States, right Mama?’ Well, yes, love. But it’s mostly a day to remember and honor our servicemen and women who … Continue reading

so much to tell you

i have so much to write, but no matter how hard i try this week, i can’t seem to find the intersection of time and energy. there are the small pockets of time – the long, slow minutes that i find myself staring at the clock – watching 3:59 a.m. give way to 4:00, dreading … Continue reading

living the dream

. Sleep still blurs my vision as I type. I watch my hands on the keyboard. I can’t look at the screen yet. It’s too bright. But this couldn’t wait. Brooke and I were walking through a crowded square, a marketplace of sorts. She was older, her hair was blond. She looked different, but she … Continue reading

what i learned on a photo shoot with katie

. that i’m too tired for punctuation or capitalization that when ralph lauren calls, i will drop everything to take katie to a three day photo shoot in new york that central park is even more beautiful than i remembered that i don’t miss living in new york that when i am so overwhelmed that … Continue reading

a christmas story

. As Katie and I drove back from a trip to town, she asked if we could play a game. I agreed and threw out a number of ideas, but none seemed to strike her fancy. How about we make up stories, Mama? OOh, even better, we can make up CHRISTMAS stories!! Who am I … Continue reading

the language of love

. I stood at the kitchen counter, cutting a pear for Brooke’s lunch. I meticulously peeled the skin off of each slice, knowing that she would balk if she saw even the smallest hint of green. I was lost in the small, seemingly insignificant act of preparing lunch. Every slice was an act of love. … Continue reading