Posted in July 2012

phone home

  ~ * Yes, this was an actual conversation ~ Yup, I gave in. Caved. Crumbled like a house of cards. Go ahead, say it – ‘If all the other moms were jumping off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge too, Jess?” Apparently, yes. Yes, I would. I got Katie a phone. Well, … Continue reading

shopping purgatory

The shirt in the window ~ . I used to love shopping. And then I had a tween. #KillMeNow ~ My Facebook status yesterday afternoon . Katie and I are at the mall doing some early back to school shopping. This summer she’s officially entered shopping purgatory – too sophisticated for children’s shops, too conservative … Continue reading

shooting stars

* Today is Color Day at Brooke’s camp. There will be games and contests. Competition. Camaraderie. Team spirit. She will not be there. Green – she was going to be on the green team. She won’t be. She will, as per her ardent request (more of a desperate plea, really) have color day at home. … Continue reading

fifty shades of oh my god, mom, seriously?

* It’s been a hard three days. Last night was tough. Tonight was tougher. For the sake of our sanity, it’s time to laugh. For that reason, tomorrow’s Diary post is going to be funny. Nothing but funny. There, consider yourself warned. ~ Diary’s Facebook status last night * As many of you know, I … Continue reading

the point

~ OK, So before all of this Joe Scarborough insanity, I had planned to post about something entirely different. Something light-hearted. Something sort of funny even. Now that I’ve dedicated forty-eight hours to Joe (there’s been FAR more behind the scenes than you’ve seen here on the blog) I know that I desperately need to … Continue reading


Joe Scarborough issued a statement regarding his remarks. “During a debate regarding the recent Colorado shootings, I suggested that the Aurora tragedy should make Americans focus more on mental health in this country. I also stated that my own experiences raising a son with Aspergers made me keenly aware of how important strong support systems … Continue reading

to lay the barricades aside

~ And it seems so hard To keep it all together When the walls are fallin’ down On every side Yeah but I’ll be damned If I’ll give up on it easy I’ve worked too hard To lay the barricades aside ~ Pat Green Taunting Boo Radley became passe. ~ To Kill a Mockingbird ~ … Continue reading

Dear Joe

* Dear Joe Scarborough, Autism is not dangerous. THIS, however, is. Ignorance is dangerous. Television newscasters diagnosing people they’ve never met is dangerous. A father of a child with Asperger’s who would jump to the conclusion that (an obviously gravely disturbed) mass murderer is autistic is not only dangerous, but appalling. Assuming that a young … Continue reading


* To you I wish to give two things To give you roots To give you wings ~ A painting that I bought for Katie’s nursery when she was three months old * “It’s time to go get our Katie back from sleep away camp” ~ Brooke. #OnOurWay ~ Saturday 5:30 am * When Luau … Continue reading

1 day 3 hours 11 minutes and 57 seconds

Yes, there really is an app for that ~   I slept in (til 5:45). So I don’t have time to write the million things that I want to write this morning. So I can’t really tell you how much I’ve missed this child. How viscerally, well … wrong it’s felt to be without her … Continue reading