Posted in June 2013

a tale of three letters

Dear Students and Family Members, It is difficult to believe that an entire school year has passed already. It has definitely been a year full of learning, fun, interesting events, some tears, much laughter, hard work and effort. As always is the case, some events do indeed stand out from the rest, like hearing a … Continue reading

an imperfect journey

* Last night, my post, No Sides From Which to Choose was posted on The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism’s Facebook page. On that site, a number of autistic advocates took issue with the post, focusing particular attention on the following paragraph: On the flip side, I’d argue that it’s also why we don’t often … Continue reading

no sides from which to choose

What do you see? * [W]e have to examine *illness* and *identity*, understand that observation will usually happen in one domain or the other, and come up with a syncretic mechanics. We need a vocabulary in which the two concepts are not opposites, but compatible aspects of a condition. * Neutrality, which appears to lie … Continue reading

the foot

Dear Ms D, I wanted to explain. You see, I know that your end of year thank you gift is .. well, a bit unconventional. It’s actually, though you won’t know this, representative of my journey toward true acceptance of my daughter’s differences, but we’ll get back to that. You see, we were looking for … Continue reading

the search for a new language

*** In short, we can live inside our fear for the future or we can say to hell with it and run alongside her as she blazes a path that leads us unwittingly to our own self-acceptance as we guide her to hers. And we can invite everyone with whom we come into contact to … Continue reading

let it be

First there was this …   And then there was this ..     Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up and wrote a note to my girl. I didn’t play wordsmith. I didn’t even read it before I sent it to her via e-mail. It’s not artful nor well-constructed, but the … Continue reading

this place

this place

* Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.  ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ** Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. ~Ambrose Redmoon *** From Happy Squeal, October, 2012 … June, 2006 Brooke is three. … Continue reading

andrew solomon

If you’re going to write a post about your new BFF, it’s totally helpful if they’re famous, because then you can find lots of pictures of them from which to choose for the post. Oh … Andrew is the one on the left. ~ A week and a half ago, I’d never consciously heard of … Continue reading


* As many of you know, this was not the easiest of weekends in the Diary household. As a matter of fact, it pretty much sucked. But in the middle of it, this happened. And today, this is where I am training my lens — on a small moment that was anything but small. On … Continue reading


** I call out hypocrisy when I see it. It’s what I do. And exempting myself from that practice would be the biggest hypocrisy of all. So that is essentially what I have done here – called myself out for not living what I believe, and then doing what I could to make that right. … Continue reading