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hard is never the only story

* I knew I’d write a New Year’s post of some sort. When you write compulsively anyway, the siren song of a manufactured call for reflection is just too much to pass up. I’ve had no chance to get near the computer for the past few days, but that mattered not. ‘Writing’ to me has … Continue reading


* She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along. ~Margaret Culkin Banning * My sweet girl, I wanted to go with you I need you to know that When you came to visit me at work I know it wasn’t easy I know it wasn’t where you wanted … Continue reading

christmas 2010

* Although it will be Monday when you read this, it is Sunday night as I write it. The weather outside is well, frightful. The fire inside is delightful. But the big house in which we live is apparently not big enough to keep my girls from grating on one another’s last nerve. I can’t … Continue reading


* I’ve waited too long to write. The stories have begun to pile up in my head, listing like a pile of sweaters in an attic, desperately close to scattering about the floor in a chaotic array of texture and color. I’m trying to hold the pile together. There are stories in there that I’m … Continue reading

all along

** Although my recent return to work has made this the most harried holiday season in recent memory, there has been something particularly magical about this Christmas. Even as I’ve run around town like a headless chicken in search of gifts for the eight hundred and thirty-seven people on my list, I’ve felt it. Even … Continue reading

echo (on hopeful parents)

.   .   I’m at Hopeful Parents today, reflecting on yesterday’s post. Please click on over. And leave a comment there, if you’re so inclined. I love hearing from you. Oh, and wander around the site a little while you’re there, won’t you? There are some wonderful writers who you’ll love getting to know. … Continue reading


** Brooke, summer 2010, stopping to ‘pray’ (with Isa the Iguana) in the middle of the local play space * . Brooke will often tell me that she is going to pray. She will say something to the effect of (I can’t remember the exact line right now), “”You stay here. I’m going over there … Continue reading

blood from a stone

“But Mom, can I pleeeeease have some more moneyyyyy!” . “Honey, I don’t have it to give you. Continually asking me for what I don’t have is like trying to get blood from a stone.” . ~ A recurrent conversation from my childhood . *** *** . Have you heard about the Behavior Tracker Pro? … Continue reading

the question

** It was seven o’clock on Saturday morning and Luau and I were still in bed. I don’t know why the words that had lived safely in my head for so very long needed a voice at that very moment, but there they were, suddenly at the gate, begging for release. I waited, took a … Continue reading

oh thank god

** Ed note: To anyone who wound up here by googling the words “Naked Santa” ~ First of all, why on God’s green earth would you be googling Naked Santa? Actually, please don’t answer that. Secondly, I can promise that this post is NOT what you’re looking for. Merry Christmas and best of luck!   … Continue reading