Posted in December 2011

warrior mom

  I have a confession. I’m not a warrior mom. The term doesn’t fit. Never has. I’ve never used it to describe myself, but time and again it’s been assigned to me. I’m not comfortable with it. It’s not who I am. I am not at war. Not with society, not with the glaring lady … Continue reading

not wrong

Gratuitous picture of my girl that has nothing to do with the post you’re about to read – Brooke and I are cuddled in her bed. It’s getting late and at least one of us is nodding off. It’s time for me to go. “OK, baby,” I ask, “who’s picking the number?” “You would do … Continue reading

they met in the desert

* originally published Dec, 2008 – They met in the desert and continued on their journey together –  From far away lands, they spoke different languages, had different customs, carried different gifts. But they shared one thing – an unshakable belief that a child would change the world. To all of the incredibly wise men … Continue reading

all roads lead to disclosure

It started with this: Josie @josieiscreating ~ @diaryofamom you will love this. 🙂… which led me to this: The Obsessive Joy of Autism which I didn’t just love but adored and I knew I just had to read more, so I clicked over to this: Just Stimming where I read this: Quiet Hands And thought, “Oh … Continue reading

take two

Diary of a Mom Facebook Status ~ December 3 at 7:36am The plan for today is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with Uncle Paul and his family. When he first suggested it, we were just coming off of our success at Godspell and I felt emboldened to try. But anxiety is running HIGH this morning … Continue reading

a bedtime story

* It’s 10 pm, an hour past the girls’ bedtime. Luau and I are sitting up in bed watching train wreck TV from the week before. Marcus sings for his life on the X-Factor while my brain races through the day, the week, the list of looming MUST-DOs. Our door creaks open. I wonder what … Continue reading


Approximately 25% of children with autism will experience at least one seizure by the time they reach adulthood. ~ Epilepsy Foundation (also First Signs, National Autism Center and countless others that I don’t have time to cite.) — From 25 to 35 percent of people with autism will eventually experience full-scale seizures. Many others will have seizure-like … Continue reading

mix mix mix

* It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Well, at least sort of. Oh, hell, maybe not. Maybe it was a crap idea from the start, but I really thought it would be fun. Perhaps I should have known when I was holding a crying Brooke on the stairs just because I’d … Continue reading