Posted in August 2015

what I want to tell you 

I want to tell you about how the last few mornings, Brooke has come into my room and woken me up by putting her head on my chest and staring me awake. I want to tell you how it’s been the greatest way to start each day, and how, no matter how hard the night … Continue reading

this is getting old

Image is a photo of Brooke on the Boycott Autism Speaks Facebook page holding a sign that she and I made together. I wrote the text in purple at Brooke’s request, and Brooke wrote “Thank You” and “Boycott Autism Speaks” by herself in pink. She is wearing the t-shirt that she happened to be wearing on … Continue reading

dear van guy and mrs. van guy

This morning, I met a guy driving a van which sported a bumper sticker reading, “I love someone with autism.” We chatted. I wrote about our conversation on Diary’s Facebook page. I talked about how I had given him my blog’s address and hoped that he’d come by. The comments on that post are awesome. Like … Continue reading

AutCom – Christmas in September

. {image is a photo of an extremely cool retro convertible packed with everything needed for a trip to the beach, including a dog. it’s what came up when I googled “car packed for a trip” I sort of love it. Note: Our car will look nothing like this.} I. Am. So. Excited Seriously. It’s … Continue reading

respect + love + restraint = trust

respect + love + restraint = trust

I wrote the following last summer. Last July, to be precise. My dad is a hugger. He’s not a polite hugger, nor even a typically straight-male-pat-on-the-back-while-hugging-to-preserve-his-masculinity hugger. He’s a look-out-cause-here-he-comes hugger. He’s a hands on, I-love-you-and-I’m-a-gonna-show-you hugger. He’s an I-haven’t-seen-you-in-far-too-long-so-get-over-here-and-hug-your-papa-kiddo hugger. He is the most physically demonstrative person I’ve ever met. I’m 45 years old and still, … Continue reading

one question

This morning, a reader suggested that I share a post here written by a mom about her daughter, who has a disability. She suggested that it might be helpful for my readers searching for resources on puberty.  So I read it. In the post, the mom talked in detail about how her daughter is perseverating … Continue reading



Last night, as my dad drove us home from the amusement park, he said, “Brooke, we’re about three minutes away from home now.” In another minute, he said, “Brooke, about two minutes left, okay?” As we got close, he said, “We’re going to go around the river, up the hill, and then around one bend. … Continue reading

the light creeping in

“Look, Mama!” I follow the little arm to the very end of an outstretched finger. I look into the distance to see what she is pointing at. “What do you see, baby girl?” I am nearly breathless. “I see the blue house.” I can barely contain myself. “I see it too, Brooke! Yes! The house … Continue reading

truth, consequences, and porn

truth, consequences, and porn

Image is a photo of Josh Duggar on the steps of the Arkansas Capitol last year where, speaking on behalf of the Family Research Council, he denounced same-sex marriage as an “attack” on the family, children, Christian values, freedom of speech and, for good (if inexplicable) measure the U.S. economy. Source So Josh Duggar cheated … Continue reading


{image is a Tweet that I tweeted (is there really no better way to say that?) last March. Above a photo of Lt Joe Kenda talking with Carl Marino, who plays him on the Investigation Discovery show, Homicide Hunter, I’d written, “Seeing @LtJoeKenda hangin out w/ @carlmarino1 is like seeing Clark Kent chatting with Superman. … Continue reading