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a place to dance

a place to dance

    Tomorrow there will be words. Today there are pictures. Today, my girl is saying everything that needs to be said.    {images are photos of Brooke hanging out in her usual studio before heading up to the big one for the show} {image is a photo of Brooke leaning against the barre watching … Continue reading

the nutcracker – a day in pictures

. Ed note: I apologize profusely for the state of these pictures. Some were taken on my fancy schmancy camera, some were taken on my not so fancy phone. Some are in focus, some well, not so much. Some I had a chance to crop, a couple I even managed to Instagramize (shut up, it’s a … Continue reading

she asked

. Molly, Brooke and Janey ~ Brooke’s Adaptive Dance Class – The back story ~ Molly has her questions before they start class. . Who’s your favorite Disney princess? . When is your birthday? . What year were you born?.. . She looks like a typical teenager at first glance, but it’s the questions that … Continue reading