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out of the shadows

out of the shadows

– Yesterday, I wrote a post about how a dear friend of mine told her son for the first time that there was a name for the constellation of gifts and challenges that help to make him who he is. I told the story about him smiling at the news that he, in his words, … Continue reading



– It started with a text from one of my dearest friends. “Want a story?” she asked. Truth was, I wasn’t really up for it. I was steeping in a toxic soup of anger and frustration and, worst of all, impotence. My girl was curled into me, watching Oobi on her iPad. I was contemplating … Continue reading


Disclosure. Telling our kids about their diagnoses. I talk about it a lot. Because I believe in it. I believe that knowledge is power and knowledge of oneself is the greatest tool imaginable. I believe in honoring truth, both fundamental and individual. I believe that withholding truth creates secrets and secrets imply shame. I believe that our … Continue reading

she asked

. Molly, Brooke and Janey ~ Brooke’s Adaptive Dance Class – The back story ~ Molly has her questions before they start class. . Who’s your favorite Disney princess? . When is your birthday? . What year were you born?.. . She looks like a typical teenager at first glance, but it’s the questions that … Continue reading

passed right by – and never knew

* Yesterday afternoon I sat talking with a friend. Ok, maybe said ‘friend’ might be more accurately described as a ‘therapist’, but let’s not get caught up in details. Though when I tell you that he is a man and he actually actively listens to me for AN HOUR – like sixty minutes IN A … Continue reading

a start

* She’ll be ready someday. In the meantime, we lay the foundation. We demystify the words. We own them. It’s a place to start. ~ It’s For Me, Sept, 2010 – Last night .. We’re sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner. “Katie,” Luau says, “do you remember that I’ll be at your school tomorrow?” … Continue reading

all roads lead to disclosure

It started with this: Josie @josieiscreating ~ @diaryofamom you will love this. 🙂 shiftjournal.com/2011/11/30/the… which led me to this: The Obsessive Joy of Autism which I didn’t just love but adored and I knew I just had to read more, so I clicked over to this: Just Stimming where I read this: Quiet Hands And thought, “Oh … Continue reading

the conversation revisited

Just before bed last night, I exchanged texts with a friend who has a son Brooke’s age who is on the spectrum. I’ve met her in person once. She was telling me that she had taken her son to see Dolphin Tale and was trying to convince me that I needed to go see it … Continue reading