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dear suzanne – again

dear suzanne – again

Dear Suzanne, It seems we’re here again. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be having a different version of the same old tired conversation. But I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know how else to counter the harm that you continue to do in the name of some … Continue reading



Text: If you really want to be an advocate, start by listening to the people you claim to be advocating for. Earlier today, I sent the following email to Liz Feld, President of Autism Speaks. It is short and not particularly well-written, but it is what it is. I didn’t feel the need to repeat … Continue reading

nothing about us without us

. Ed note: Yesterday, I sent the following letter to Autism Speaks Co-Founder Suzanne Wright, President Liz Feld and three others. I added the links this morning for your reference.  ~ Dear Suzanne, Liz, et al, I hope this finds you all well. I was thrilled to read yesterday that the House Oversight and Government … Continue reading

one house on the block

— To those of you who read Diary without a further connection to autism, I am grateful. I beg you though, please, please always remember as you read … Our autism is just one house on the block, not remotely representative of its neighbors. Our friends need help. And by God they need it now. … Continue reading

a mostly awesome day in the life

; ~ I had a LOT of trouble dragging my sleepy butt out of bed this morning, so we’re going to have to do this quickly. You know what that means, right? Questionable grammar, a high likelihood of typos and a lightening-speed round-up of things I want to tell you without a whole lot of detail … Continue reading

put me in coach

* I swear I’m not going to start putting up slide shows all the time. Really, I promise. But well, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to narrow down the photos from the other night, so I’m doing it just one more time. It all started when Liz Feld asked if … Continue reading

person first

* “…One thing bugged me and I don’t see how it still happens especially in this tight knit community. This is referring to a person with autism as autistic (I.e. my autistic daughter/son/brother/etc.). One big step we could all make as a whole is to utilize person first language a person with …(insert any disability)… … Continue reading

inflection point

~ It’s not usually a good start to a relationship by showing up to your first meeting with a list of problems. But I thought perhaps if I also came armed with ideas for their resolution, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Within a week of taking over as president of Autism Speaks, Liz Feld … Continue reading