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* Diary’s Facebook status – yesterday ~ There are studies on what I’m about to write. Lots of them. There are scores of posts out there on the topic, undoubtedly far better written than this one. Certainly they are better referenced and include links to, ya know, sciency stuff — studies and the like. I’ll … Continue reading

stepping into the void

History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ Following the horrific shooting in an Aurora Colorado movie theater in July, Joe Scarborough made the outrageous … Continue reading

empathy explored – and ignored

Last Tuesday, journalist and author Emily Bazelon gave a talk on girls and autism at TEDxWomen 2012. The link to the video of her talk found its way into my inbox three different times last week. Each time, the sender asked some version of the same question – “What do you think of this?” Each … Continue reading

the point

~ OK, So before all of this Joe Scarborough insanity, I had planned to post about something entirely different. Something light-hearted. Something sort of funny even. Now that I’ve dedicated forty-eight hours to Joe (there’s been FAR more behind the scenes than you’ve seen here on the blog) I know that I desperately need to … Continue reading

to lay the barricades aside

~ And it seems so hard To keep it all together When the walls are fallin’ down On every side Yeah but I’ll be damned If I’ll give up on it easy I’ve worked too hard To lay the barricades aside ~ Pat Green Taunting Boo Radley became passe. ~ To Kill a Mockingbird ~ … Continue reading

Dear Joe

* Dear Joe Scarborough, Autism is not dangerous. THIS, however, is. Ignorance is dangerous. Television newscasters diagnosing people they’ve never met is dangerous. A father of a child with Asperger’s who would jump to the conclusion that (an obviously gravely disturbed) mass murderer is autistic is not only dangerous, but appalling. Assuming that a young … Continue reading


. – Ed note: Apologies for the annoying little dots all over the page. WordPress decided this would be a good morning to go all sorts of wonky and I had to improvise. Yup, I’m kinda like the blogging MacGyver.   * . thank you all so very much for your warm, generous, loving response … Continue reading