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Last night, as my dad drove us home from the amusement park, he said, “Brooke, we’re about three minutes away from home now.” In another minute, he said, “Brooke, about two minutes left, okay?” As we got close, he said, “We’re going to go around the river, up the hill, and then around one bend. … Continue reading

her voice

her voice

{image is a photo of Brooke and Rhema, hugging} Saturday … We’re late to the Russell’s, as usual. Brooke’s blood sugar had taken a nose dive and we had to make an emergency detour to find her food on the way. When we finally arrive, there’s a flurry of activity. “I missed you”s and hugs and “Gosh, … Continue reading

autism, puberty and respect – part two

autism, puberty and respect – part two

Image is a photo of a tree. ‘Cause nature.  Many of you have asked me to write about how we are handling puberty with Brooke. Autism, Puberty and Respect (Part One) was about why I won’t. Some time ago, Brooke’s older sister, Katie and I came to an agreement about what I would write about her … Continue reading

autism, puberty and respect

– Honestly, our kids should just get a pass on the whole puberty thing. – a fellow autism mom – I want to write about the intersection of autism and puberty. I want to tell you that I’m struggling. With how to talk to Brooke about all of it – not just about what is … Continue reading

crying kitty and mama cat

Fifteen minutes have passed since I wrote that post. I am on the couch, swearing under my breath at Candy Crush. Brooke is doing some seriously fancy vocal gymnastics while bouncing on her peanut. Her guilt-gift from the Tooth Fairy, Dora’s Return to the Mermaid Kingdom, or something with some equally pithy title, plays on the … Continue reading

ISDs – know the signs

Ed note: The following is a spoof based on the DSM’s diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) 1 provides standardized criteria to help diagnose ISDs (Ignorance Spectrum Disorders). Diagnostic Criteria for 608.00 Ignorance Spectrum Disorder as related to Autism Spectrum Disorder, among others: Six … Continue reading


  *  One by one, she pulled the horses out of the box. She laid them carefully on the floor next to it, then immediately began the process of putting them back in. I sat with her. I didn’t speak. I watched. One big horse. One little one. One big horse. One little one. And … Continue reading

a tale of three letters

Dear Students and Family Members, It is difficult to believe that an entire school year has passed already. It has definitely been a year full of learning, fun, interesting events, some tears, much laughter, hard work and effort. As always is the case, some events do indeed stand out from the rest, like hearing a … Continue reading

voting day

click on the picture to read the post ~ As many of you know, I took a risk yesterday. A big one. And it scared the hell out of me. When I got the e-mail from the Huffington Post editorial desk letting me know that my post, The Biggest Hypocrisy of All was up, I … Continue reading