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a common goal

a common goal

When Katie coughs, Brooke shrieks. It’s a visceral, reflexive, heartbreaking response. It looks, for all intents and purposes, like a reaction to a physical attack. It’s been a challenge for years. So long now, in fact, that I don’t remember a time when it wasn’t a part of our lives – the elephant in the … Continue reading

ten minutes in

Editor’s note: My daughter didn’t write this. I did. It’s a guess. A guess as to what it feels like to be inside her head. A guess based on years upon years of watching her, listening to her and collecting and piecing together every clue she has offered, in whatever way she offered them. You … Continue reading


* Diary’s Facebook status – yesterday ~ There are studies on what I’m about to write. Lots of them. There are scores of posts out there on the topic, undoubtedly far better written than this one. Certainly they are better referenced and include links to, ya know, sciency stuff — studies and the like. I’ll … Continue reading

our roller coaster

~ Katie’s concert would be starting soon. Brooke and I found seats in the auditorium while Luau manned the PTO’s pizza sale in the lobby. Brooke passed the time making a list of names on the iPad. We have thousands of them; the lists. They’re everywhere — soothing, calming, orderly. We were early enough that … Continue reading