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ten minutes in

Editor’s note: My daughter didn’t write this. I did. It’s a guess. A guess as to what it feels like to be inside her head. A guess based on years upon years of watching her, listening to her and collecting and piecing together every clue she has offered, in whatever way she offered them. You … Continue reading

our roller coaster

~ Katie’s concert would be starting soon. Brooke and I found seats in the auditorium while Luau manned the PTO’s pizza sale in the lobby. Brooke passed the time making a list of names on the iPad. We have thousands of them; the lists. They’re everywhere — soothing, calming, orderly. We were early enough that … Continue reading

shooting stars

* Today is Color Day at Brooke’s camp. There will be games and contests. Competition. Camaraderie. Team spirit. She will not be there. Green – she was going to be on the green team. She won’t be. She will, as per her ardent request (more of a desperate plea, really) have color day at home. … Continue reading

his body does his feelings

Brooke, doing happy – Katie and I are chatting as we walk. Well, Katie’s chatting. I’m listening. And trying to keep up. Good Lord, this child can talk a blue streak. Yes, I know, she comes by it honestly. Thank you. She’s talking about a boy in her class who she assumes (and we know) … Continue reading

28 minutes

— Diary of a Mom Big community building event at the girls’ school tonight. Cover me, Dan O, we’re going in. * Diary of a Mom We lasted 28 minutes. And by God I’m calling every one of them a victory. #HolyChaosBatman * Diary of a Mom dear NT mom selling pizza at the school … Continue reading

fair, redux

. The plan for today is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with Uncle Paul and his family. When he first suggested it, we were just coming off of our success at Godspell and I felt emboldened to try. But anxiety is running HIGH this morning and Mama’s confidence is waning. *gulp*  ~ Diary’s Facebook Status, Saturday … Continue reading

somebody get my agent on the phone

* On Sunday night, I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page ~ “OK, so vanity would normally keep me from sharing this publicly, but I decided we all could use the laugh and the ‘OMG, me too’ realization that *many* of us with little (and not so little!) sensory seekers often serve as human … Continue reading


  Happy Monday! I’m over at the Sensory Processing Disorder Bloggers Network (SPDBN) today, revisiting my childhood and now craving a cheeseburger for breakfast. Come by, won’t you? And stick around to explore the site a while. It’s a great place to share experiences and to learn more about Sensory Processing Disorder (also known as … Continue reading

no more than a hiccup .. on SPDBN

* It all started when my friend, Alysia mentioned that she was looking for submissions for the Sensory Processing Disorder Blogger Network (SPDBN), a wonderful community page full of stories, resources and support for families who live with SPD. That’s all it took. . Suddenly I was on a train, zooming through the backwoods of … Continue reading

i hate this sh-t

“I know no greater desperation than being helpless in the face of my baby’s pain.” ~ my facebook status last night “Autism, please go f*%k yourself.” ~ a friend’s facebook status last night ** Katie is struggling, but she’s doing her best to put on a good face for dinner. Her best isn’t working so … Continue reading