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My greatest hope is that the discourse on this blog and its accompanying Facebook page can serve as examples of environments in which compassion, understanding and mutual respect are paramount.

That said, I publish nearly all comments, but there are rare exceptions.

I have long been frustrated and deeply saddened by the chasms in the autism community, not to mention the broader, just plain-old human community. I will not allow diary’s comment section to become a megaphone for the anger that serves to keep us divided.

I will not abide personal attacks, either on me or my readers. While I actively welcome constructive disagreement and respectful discourse, this is not a forum for unproductive anger, particularly that which is directed at one another.

While I am happy to respect anonymity, please note that I also do not publish comments without a name (or consistent pseudonym) and a valid e-mail address.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you – not just for sharing in our family’s journey, but for joining the conversation. And in so doing, respecting each other, supporting one another, and finding ways to bridge the space between us.

Edited to add: Diary and its accompanying Facebook page mean the world to me. The people who gather here to laugh together and cry together and learn and fight and breathe together, to celebrate and mourn and pray together, have become my family. I will do everything in my power to keep this space safe for them, for all of us. I therefore have a “zero tolerance for intolerance” policy. Neither hate nor bigotry are welcome here. Ever. I have a “ban user” button, and as much as I hate to use it, I will engage it freely in order to protect this place. This is my home. I will not abide hate in my home.

Thank you for being here and sharing in this incredible journey.


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